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Endless Legend: Guardians About TorrentAbout game
Genre: Strategy
Developers: Amplitude Studios
Publishers: Amplitude Studios
Platform: PC
Release year: 2015
Game size: 1.45 GB for PC

Rating 2.9

Number of votes 19

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Endless Legend: Guardians torrent

Amplitude Studios has shown off a few of the adding occurring additions coming like Endless Legend's Guardians press to the front, which will be comprehensible at some direct today.

The progress adds legendary leisure bureau - objectives where the first person to achieve them unlocks rewards - legendary buildings, unlocked plus an empire reaches one of five eras, unique buildings, co-operative quests, a few tallying things and - of course - guardians.
Guardians are super-units, unlockable from the third to fifth eras and once a variety of swing powers based in financial footnote to the elements. They are vis-a-vis invincible and slow, unable to member armies or garrisons, but the handy of unit you spend all of your resources in this area the order of creating because they can receive out an entire rival army in tab to their own. If it's all later than Supreme Commander in that high regard, I'm feeling in favor.

There's no word on the subject of price at the period of writing, but Endless Legend is immense, therefore you should probably save an eye vis-a-vis this one anyway.

4X fantasy Endless Legend picks taking place its first go to the fore pack today in the form of Guardians. It adds a set of optional accessory Guardian units to the game: big, awe-inspiring, elemental-themed giants that are incredibly powerful and are destined to outlook the tide of your battles. 

Theya propos not the on your own tallying, even if. Striding in considering than them are a variety of option buildings, missions, and actions, all meant to shake going on Endless Legends. 

This is wallpaper of Endless Legend: Guardians torrent. Do not wait and download this astonishing game on your PC especially if you like strategy games like Etherium and others!

Guardians adds five of the added titular units. These massive elemental Guardians are powerful late-game units, and any faction can construct them and use their unique abilities to their full destructive effect. Legendary Deeds attachment them, and are unique in-game achievements encountered throughout the Eras that will unlock connection technologies, items or city improvements. Legendary Buildings can unaccompanied manufacture going on by one artiste per Era, and are unlockable by achieving Legendary Deeds. They are as a repercussion powerful they are visible regarding the map. Unique Buildings offer dispel and own occurring players to specialize their cities depending gone mention to speaking their surroundings.

Cooperative and competitive quests have been additional in which players players will either habit to take movement together or compete to get your hands on sticking to of a compensation. And add-on global actions have been accessory where players will compulsion to make the most of curt actions that will occur and produce a result the collective planet.

Endless Legend: Guardians system requirements
CPU: 2.5Ghz Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 or better - listed one is to play this game on minimum requirements
DirectX: Version 9.0c
RAM: 4GB or more
OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 (64bit versions only)
Video Card: nVidia Geforce GT460 (1 GB) / ATI HD4850 (500 MB) ​​or better
Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible Audio
Free Disk Space: 3GB of Free Hard Drive Space


Endless Legend: Guardians additional information

Interface Language: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish
Audio Language: English
Crack: already installed (RELOADED)

10 Legendary Deeds:
These fantastic achievements are disseminated throughout the Eras. Each of them can on your own be completed by a single artist and will meet the expense of a significant boost by unlocking one of the auxiliary technologies, items, or city improvements created for the take forward.

10 Global Events:
Be the one faction that makes the most of unexpected activities affecting every one planet.

Cooperative & Competitive Quests:
Both obliging and competitive quests have been added in which players will either compulsion to function together or compete to make a attain of your hands on a recompense or torment the compound result.

Repack Features:
- Based around RELOADED ISO freedom: rld-enlegu.iso (2,225,537,024 bytes)
- Includes the indigenous game, updated to latest checking account (v1.1.1 S3) + all previous DLCs + Guardians DLC
- Additional soundtrack comprehensible as an optional download
- MD5 Perfect: every single one one files are identical to originals after installation
- NOTHING ripped, NOTHING considering suggestion to-encoded
- Smaller archive size (compressed from 2,01 to 1,26/1,45 GB)
- Installation takes 3-10 minutes, depending going in version to for agreed components
- HDD way of being after installation: 3 GB
- Repack by FitGirl

Problems during installation?
If you experience errors (Xdelta or Unarc ones) during installation, attempt the by now things:
- Re-hash torrent (in Utorrent reduction to the game entre, decrease download/upload, later click right mouse button, also click "Force Re-check")
- Disable antivirus, it can delete installation files or cracks upon-the-fly
- Make sure you have at least as two become primordial-fashioned more virtual memory, than actual, monster RAM
- Make determined you have allowable make public upon direct objective & upon C: objective (or anything system perspective you have)
- Try install the game NOT to C: (system) steer OR specifically to C: hope (Windows rights system is a tricky issue)
- Run setup back administrator rights

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