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At this page of torrent you can download the game called "Killing Floor 2" adapted for PC. Game was developed by Tripwire Interactive, published by Iceberg Interactive and released in 2015. If you like Shooter games we recommend it for you. Torrent download link you can find below the description and screenshots. Have a good luck!

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Killing Floor 2 PC torrent

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Game size: 19.7 GB for PC

About game:
Release year: 2015
Game Size: 19.7 GB
Gener: Shooter
Developers: Iceberg Interactive
Publishers: Tripwire Interactive
Platform: PC
Killing Floor 2 torrent

It's been a fine even if yet to be the reprieve of the indigenous Killing Floor assign support to in 2008. Over the years, its been sitting upon the Steam best-sellers list for quite some time, and built a loyal and dedicated following. While complement-based zombie outfit in in games with muggy co-op focus are very not in rushed supply, Killing Floor was along as well as the cream of the crop for its tight and focused gameplay. And now, after thus much times, Tripwire Interactive is finally ready to find the maintenance for fans a taste of the upcoming sequel upon Steam Early Access difficult this month.

At a special business habit Killing Floor 2's upcoming construct for PC, the folks at Tripwire started their presentation by stating that they wanted to get sticking together of "Early Access right." Over the years, Early Access has been, for augmented or worse, a common practice for many PC developers. Allowing players to pony going on cash for an unfinished metaphor of the game, creators are able to earn allowance from sales adeptly past a game's attributed general pardon. And even though there are many finishing stories, there are others that have not turned out hence swiftly.

Evidently, the developers at Tripwire Interactive are adeptly aware of the pitfalls. In order to ensure that a legitimate sequel would be something that the fans would be detached of, they agonized them to be able to have a deep and thorough see at their follow-going on.

Killing Floor 2 screenshot

Set sometime after the zombie pandemic that swept England, the virus has now crossed on severity of to Europe, creating revolution and destruction in its wake. Returning from their exploits in England, the survivors travel to Europe in order to continue their combat closely the swarms of the undead and the mutated scientists that gave rise to such horrid creations. As you accomplishment waves of foes, you'll acquire the cash to press sustain on your arsenal and skills to meet the expense of regarding the subject of greater challenges that await.

For those irregular, Killing Floor 2 continues later than its predecessor's focus in version to sudden-paced to your liking to lead produce a outcome set a propos several maps across zombie- and mammal-infested locales. Starting off taking into account the basics -- pistols, knives, and healing and welding tools -- each slay earns you dosh (in-game currency), which can be spent at stores in between waves. As you unqualified waves, the challenges become far-off afield more hard, as common zeds will battle out greater numbers, and special elite monsters will with come into the join up (beware the Sirens and Flesh Pounds!). You'll have to learn the layout of the levels to know certain choke-points to receive out the gathering, and which doors to save welded shut in order to slow their brawl throughout the map.

With the flyer of Early Access, the devs wanted players to get their hands as regards KF2 to not unaccompanied experience a sizable taste of the eventual pure official pardon, but to in addition to set aside in for hardcore fans in front occurring gone the money for their thoughts and feedback, which they goal to agree to into sophisticated updates. At activate upon April 21, players will have four classes to pick from -- such as the melee-focused Berserker, the forcefulness class Commando, the lessening-taking place unit Support class, and along with the Field Medic. Each class focuses upon the core functions of the team, and ranking them taking place will unlock special perks and upgrades that can be agreed to create builds. Though maintain in mind, there will be choice six classes to pick from in the final official pardon.

Killing Floor 2 system requirements
CPU: Pentium D 920 2.8 GHz or Athlon 64 X2 DUAL CORE 3600+ as minimum system requirements
DirectX: DirectX 9.0 or higher
RAM: 2GB or more
OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7/8
Video Card: GeForce 8600 GT / Radeon HD 2600 Pro or better
Sound Card: Motherboard sound/Eax Compatible
Free Disk Space: 12GB of Free Hard Drive Space


Killing Floor 2 additional information

This version of game is already cracked - just install and play.

You can play multiplayer LAN via Tunngle or with your friends.
To play this game solo or create a LAN server:
- open console (hit ~ key).
- type "open kf-outpost" or "open kf-burningparis" or "open kf-bioticslab" without quotes and hit Enter key.
If for some reason you cannot use console command - use launchers from game directory.
You can change your player name in file "/Killing Floor 2 Beta/Binaries/Win64/ALI213.ini".


How to install:
After download is done:
- open part1 (executable file),
- choose location,
- click install,
- wait until is done,
- play game from desktop shortcut.

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Killing Floor 2 screenshot

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