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At this page of torrent you can download the game called "Dead Rising 2" adapted for PC. Game was developed by Rockstar North, published by Rockstar Games and released in 2010. If you like Horror games we recommend this one for you. Torrent download link you can find below the description and screenshots. Have a good luck!
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Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2

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Dead Rising 2 Gamer-Torrent About game
Genre: Horror
Developers: Rockstar Games
Publishers: Capcom Vancouver
Platform: PC
Release year: 2010
Crack: Not cracked
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Game size: 3.4 GB

Rating 3.41

Number of votes 39

Dead Rising 2 Download Dead Rising 2 Download

The first Dead Rising brought a reason everybody has pondered about before, and brought it into fulfillment: a huge number of zombies, a shopping center brimming with things to kill them with, three days to do it in. It was great fun, permitting your innovativeness to rule, and however it had its own particular little issues, it was mainstream enough to warrant a continuation. 

Dead Rising 2 happens a while after the to start with, after the episode of Willamette and additionally one in Las Vegas. As Chuck Greene, ex-BMX racer, proficient zombie executioner, and father of a young lady, you're stuck amidst Fortune City when a zombie flare-up starts, murdering thousands and stranding him and a few others in the shopping center's sheltered room. At that point, surrounded as the culprit of the episode, its dependent upon him to figure out who brought about it and why. 

Like the first diversion, Dead Rising 2 happens over around three days. Time continues whether you do anything or not, occasions show up and vanish whether you're there to see them, and that incorporates story occasions as well. So in case you're not at the perfect spot at the ideal time, the plot will be lost. Notwithstanding after the plot, you should likewise tend your little girl Katie. A while back, she was nibbled by a zombie and now must be given a day by day measurements of Zombrex, keeping in mind that she turn. Obviously, this implies you must discover the life-sparing medication some place in Fortune City as you play, adding another target to the diversion. 

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Obviously, the story is only a little, little piece of the diversion. As you circled roomy Fortune City, you'll discover other individuals that need to be protected, and its your business to do as such (here and there obliging you to satisfy undertakings for them first) and take them back to the fortification where you are sheltered. Obviously, there are likewise those that have gone only somewhat insane from late occasions, and would like simply to slaughter you or others. Them, you have to execute. Your prizes can run from discovering another survivor, to becoming acquainted with some new things and territories, or new combo cards. 

Like Dead Rising 1, things are ample for you to get and beat zombies to death with over and over. Homerun sticks, lights, boxing gloves, curiosity caps, and more are all accessible. In any case, dissimilar to the first title, DR2 additionally gets the idea of combo weapons. Discover two things that go well together, and in addition a workbench, and with the reasonable utilization of some conduit tape, you can haul something out that will wreck the zombies around you. These reach from the straightforward –, for example, nails and a slugging stick making a nail bat – to the marginally complex – like a leaf blower and jewels making a pearl blowing thing which looks like shotgun – to the to some degree crazy – the hot seat automatic rifle mix, a moving lightning war of death, rings a bell. 

In spite of the fact that every one of the developments are accessible to make at whatever point you need, utilizing 'combo cards', things earned from either step up or picking up them from occasions around the diversion gives you the formula as well as gets you twofold the 'eminence focuses', or PP, when the weapon is utilized. So there's without a doubt an impetus to utilize them as you play the diversion, and not only on the grounds that some of them are absurdly valuable. They are really unequal however, as you'll rapidly find that a few weapons will be your backbone, similar to the valuable blade gloves (two theories with reference to what the elements for that weapon are), though others are flawless for a few zombie slaughters or somewhere in the vicinity, yet are too ease back or unweildly to be of any genuine utilize past the oddity variable. 

Dead Rising 2 download

PP is the thing that permits Chuck to level up as you play the diversion, giving you rewards in wellbeing, assault force, velocity, stock space, or combo cards. The camera that was the backbone of Frank West's gear is gone this time around, rather compensating you for overcoming zombies with the combo weapons that you can make. There's a most extreme level of 50, yet regardless of the fact that you figure out how to spare everybody and slaughter every one of the mental cases scattered around the shopping center, its far-fetched you'll be coming to that point in a solitary playthrough. All things considered, the diversion does empower replayability. 

Whenever (or on the off chance that you die), you can restart the amusement with all the experience and combo cards you as of now have, however at a loss of every one of your things, story movement, survivors safeguarded, what not. This is great on the grounds that the diversion begin lovely darn hard regardless. Insane people, particularly the first ones you meet, are unnaturally hard and will kick your face in case you're not exceptionally watchful, but rather having the capacity to restart the diversion implies you can return, weapons good to go, and annihilation them with style. 

There's likewise the incorporation of cash this time around. Cash amid a zombie end of the world may appear to be odd, yet there are really an assortment of things to spend it on. Firstly, thieves have set up pawn shops scattered around the shopping center, permitting you to buy weapons, Zombrex, even keys to different vehicles to permit you to get your street anger fix. You play different betting amusements, salvage survivors, even play some poker to win the money for anything you require. It's not a colossal expansion to the amusement, but rather includes something new for you to go for, and bodes well in a spot constructed around the all important dollar. 

Dead Rising 2 additionally bolsters 2-player community gameplay, however it feels a bit burdensome on occasion. You can't pick what diversion you need to join, so you're essentially stuck taking a gander at a 'searching for amusement' screen until something happens. Likewise, you're obliged to stay in the same zone as one another, which can make circling the shopping center a genuine bother as you battle to stay aware of one another. In case you're with a companion, it can be a ton of fun, however playing with outsiders simply didn't feel exceptionally agreeable, as it was dependably an issue of what one individual needed to do versus the other. 

Dead Rising 2 PC download

On the off chance that center isn't your thing, there's additionally the incorporation of an online focused diversion mode called Terror is Reality, the TV program inside of the amusement's reality. This is a progression of diversions that pits you versus three other individuals web, attempting to win different amusements that all include murdering zombies somehow. It's a conventional diversion, however not for a really long time. Still, whether you win or lose, you get money that can be utilized as a part of any spare document you choose to store it into. 

In every way, Dead Rising 2 is an extensive change over the first. There isn't anything super new, however new amusement components, for example, cash, combo weapons, Zombrex-chasing, and an "amazement" later in the diversion does demonstrate to you that this is an alternate title. The motor has likewise been enhanced, permitting a bigger number of zombies at any given time, and it truly does show in the late diversion as your pushing through huge hordes of the zombies. 

Still, that likewise implies that any issues with the first amusement are additionally present here. Controls are ungainly and activity feels stilted. As far as possible can feel a touch of tightening (however it is a great deal less so in this diversion). Presumably one of the greatest issues I have with it, by and by, is the complete absence of measurement following, which would be ideal for an amusement like this. There are less issues here, yet things truly come down to on the off chance that you like the first amusement or not. On the off chance that you do appreciate the in the first place, there's an okay risk that you're going to appreciate this one. That said, this diversion isn't going to alter your opinion about the arrangement. 

The thing about the Dead Rising arrangement is that its really novel. Executing crowds of zombies with a gigantic mixed bag of ad libbed weaponry isn't a classification display anyplace else. It's an awesome diversion to simply mess around in, getting arbitrary dress, crushing zombie heads in and battling endlessly sociopaths. It's truly got its blemishes, yet looking past those demonstrates a truly fun sandbox title t


Dead Rising 2 System Requirements

If you are about to download Dead Rising 2 you should check system requirements first of all and compare it with your PC to be sure that game will work out!

Least System Requirements: 
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4800+ 
RAM: 2 GB 
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GS or AMD Radeon HD 3850 
OS: Windows XP 
DX: DirectX 9 
Hard commute: 8.5 GB free space 

Suggested System Requirements: 
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66GHz or AMD Phenom II X2 550 
RAM: 3 GB 
Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 or AMD Radeon HD 3870 
OS: Windows XP and 7 
DX: DirectX 
Hard commute: 8.5 GB free space


Dead Rising 2 additional information


Spin-off of the basically acclaimed and 1 million+ offering Dead Rising: Dead Rising 2 is greater and better all around, including new custom combo weapons, multiplayer and a huge number of zombies on-screen without a moment's delay! 

A huge number of Zombies On Screen: The undead are all over the place making a dynamic and testing zombie-killing background for the player as weapons will be made to kill gigantic measures of zombies at one time! 

Combo Weapons: Players can consolidate two ordinary things utilizing pipe tape to make a definitive zombie slaughtering manifestations, for example, the Portamower and Paddlesaw. Opening combo cards along the way will give players the favorable position as the supportive cards will demonstrate to you what things are best for joining. 

New Storyline and Characters: another hero, Chuck Greene, must spare his contaminated little girl, demonstrate his innocence, and survive 72 hours in Fortune City. 

2-Player Co-Op: Online community play is acquainted with the Dead Rising universe interestingly as players can welcome their companions to accomplice up with them whenever to tackle the zombie slaughter label group style! Slaughtering zombies with a companion is constantly more fun! 

4-Player Terror is Reality: 4 players contend in a fighter sort TV show named Terror Is Reality that sets zombies against a gathering of players in a definitive Vs. multiplayer slaughter.

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