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At this page of torrent you can download the game called "The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine" adapted for PC. Game was developed by Rockstar North, published by Rockstar Games and released in 2016. If you like RPG games we recommend this one for you. Torrent download link you can find below the description and screenshots. Have a good luck!
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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Gamer-Torrent About game
Genre: RPG
Developers: Rockstar Games
Publishers: CD Projekt Red
Platform: PC
Release year: 2016
Crack: Not cracked
Crack by:
Game size: 41.2 GB

Rating 3.17

Number of votes 65

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Download The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Download The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Download The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Download The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Download

Set years after the occasions of the base diversion, Geralt is offered an agreement by Duchess Anna Henrietta, the leader of Toussaint, a vassal duchy under the Nilfgaardian Empire acclaimed for its vineyards and wine trades. Two knights of Toussaint had been killed in peculiar circumstances, and Geralt is entrusted with finding and slaughtering the creature mindful. 

Upon his entry in Toussaint, Geralt researches the homicide of a third knight. With the assistance of Henrietta and Captain Damien de la Tour, the knight heading the examinations, Geralt finds signs that recommends the knights were slaughtered for disregarding the five ethics that all knights of Toussaint sworn by, and that a fourth knight might be in risk. Geralt and the duchess race to locate the fourth knight, and Geralt arrives in the nick of time to see the Beast killing the fourth knight, who had ventured out with him to Toussaint. Geralt offers pursue to the Beast, in the end cornering and fighting him in a distribution center. Before either can slaughter alternate, Regis, a higher vampire and companion of Geralt, intercedes and persuades the Beast to take off. Regis, who Geralt accepted to be dead from his experiences in the books, clarified that the Beast is another higher vampire named Dettlaff. Regis was restored by Dettlaff after his gathered execution, bringing about the way that Regis is attached to Dettlaff by blood as indicated by the vampiric code. 

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine download torrent

Geralt unites with Regis to discover why Dettlaff is conferring murders, since he normally maintains a strategic distance from human undertakings. They blend a mixture that empowers Geralt to see certain dreams of Dettlaff's recollections, guiding them toward a bootblack. Acquiring hints from the bootblack, Geralt and Regis find Dettlaff's refuge, and Geralt discovers confirm that Dettlaff is being coerced into the killings. Rhenawedd, Dettlaff's human significant other, has been seized and the hijackers are compelling Dettlaff to kill the knights. Regis stays behind to sit tight for Dettlaff to return, while Geralt reports to Henrietta and de la Tour. From the wine stain on one of the bits of paper the criminals sent Dettlaff naming his casualties, Henrietta could recognize the wine as one saved exclusively for the ducal table. Geralt, Henrietta, and de la Tour visit the ducal winery, and its creator admit to offering a barrel of the wine to a strange purchaser. Discovering that the purchaser has orchestrated another barrel, Geralt and de la Tour mount a snare on the accumulation party. Geralt cross examines a caught individual from the gathering, who unveils the character of the puzzling purchaser as The Cintrian. 

Geralt and Henrietta go covert at a soirée where The Cintrian was expected to go to. Geralt finds an endeavor by The Cintrian to take a gem, yet was thwarted. The proprietor of the living arrangement facilitating the soirée, Orianna, confesses to catching The Cintrian in the act and battled with him, in the end tossing him out of a window and executing him. Henrietta recognizes the gem as a family treasure, lost numerous years back; Orianna uncovered she purchased it off a young lady. Geralt likewise recuperates the blade The Cintrian used to assault Orianna, which Henrietta distinguishes as one having a place with the ruler of a palace close-by. Geralt indicates out Henrietta that the wine and gem are both attached to the duchess personally, prompting an attempt to kill she, yet Henrietta glides an option hypothesis. She estimates that her missing sister Syanna might be included, who was banished for as far as anyone knows burdened by the Curse of the Black Sun, a condemnation for young ladies conceived in the meantime as a sun based obscuration. Henrietta undertakings Geralt to examine the palace and discover Syanna on the off chance that she is there, giving back her unharmed. Regis out of the blue appears with Dettlaff close behind, reporting their plan to help Geralt with finding the Beast. 

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine download

De la Tour's men attack the château while Geralt sneaks in through the back, battling his way to the keep. Part of the way through, he is joined by Regis and Dettlaff, the last of whom enthusiastic to recoup Rhenawedd. Inside, they discover Rhenawedd, however no indication of another lady. Geralt derives that Syanna and Rhenawedd are the same individual, who faked her own particular grabbing and was likewise behind the offer of the ducal wine and the endeavored burglary of the gem. Feeling sold out, Dettlaff leaves in an anger, debilitating to annihilate Beauclair, the capital city of Toussaint, unless Syanna consents to meet him for a clarification inside three days. Geralt discloses to Henrietta that Syanna was behind everything, except the duchess declines to trust it. After discovering that Dettlaff is the Beast, she requests Geralt track him down and execute him, while likewise declining to bow to Dettlaff's risk. 

Geralt has no fortunes finding Dettlaff in the following three days. While he and Regis report to the duchess, news contacts them of lesser vampires assaulting the city. Geralt and Regis have two options: free Syanna so she can converse with Dettlaff, or locate the Unseen Elder who can compel Dettlaff to show up before Geralt. On the off chance that Geralt liberates Syanna, he and Regis discover de la Tour in the city and persuade him to let them know where Syanna is detained. Geralt and Regis advance toward the royal residence's den, where they locate a captivated children's story book where the sisters used to play together as kids. Geralt enters the book's reality, finds Syanna, and comes back with her to this present reality. While in the children's story world, Geralt has the choice to recover a lace for Syanna. Syanna discloses to Geralt her explanation behind killing the knights – they were the ones who ousted her under requests, some of whom who additionally mishandled her amid the trip. 

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine PC download

In the event that Geralt selects to locate the Unseen Elder, he converses with Orianna, who offers to let him know the way on the off chance that he kills a vampire focusing on a halfway house she is a supporter of. Geralt kills the vampire, additionally discovers that Orianna is a higher vampire with a desire for the blood of youthful youngsters in the halfway house. Geralt and Regis advance toward the Unseen Elder's den, where after some trouble they influence the Unseen Elder to review Dettlaff. Geralt, Regis, and Syanna sit tight for Dettlaff at the concurred area. On the off chance that Syanna is available, Dettlaff goes up against her and requests her to talk reality. In the battle, the otherworldly strip on Syanna is cut, transporting her back to the universe of the fable book. Despite whether Syanna was available or not, a chafed Dettlaff assaults Geralt, and they fight. Geralt and Regis both annihilation Dettlaff, with Regis conveying the executing blow. 

Geralt is to be granted with Toussaint's most astounding honor for killing the Beast. Before he goes to the function, Geralt can join Regis in revealing the character of Syanna's eventual fifth casualty. They return to the bootblack, who focuses them toward homeless people paid to convey the messages naming the casualties to Dettlaff. Geralt and Regis get the fifth look from the homeless people, uncovering the planned casualty to be Henrietta. The duchess' demise would have satisfied the last ethicalness, sympathy, as the duchess has been seen to be savage and unforgiving in her disciplines.


The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine System Requirements

If you are about to download The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine you should check system requirements first of all and compare it with your PC to be sure that game will work out!

Least requirements: 
System: Windows 7  (64-bit version)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 940
Memory: 6 GB RAM 
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 660 or ATI Radeon HD 7870 
DirectX: Version 11.0
Capacity: 60 GB accessible space 

Prescribed requirements: 
System: Windows 10 (64-bit version is required to play this game)
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 4-Core 3.4 GHz or AMD FX-8350 
Memory: 8 GB RAM 
Graphics Card:  nVidia GeForce GTX 770 or ATI Radeon R9 290 
DirectX: Version 11.0
Capacity: 60 GB accessible space


The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine additional information


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game + Expansion Pass conveys a really people to come, extraordinary pretending background. Supplementing the arresting story spun in Wild Hunt, the Expansion Pass awards players access to two epic experiences which incorporate 30 hours of new substance, rigging and adversaries - all made with most extreme scrupulousness and quality. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Expansion Pass secures your entrance to two epic experiences set in the realm of beast seeker Geralt of Rivia. Aggregately offering 30 hours of new substance, apparatus and adversaries, characters both new and sincerely missed while enlivening stories already untold inside the Witcher universe. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone. Step again into the shoes of Geralt of Rivia, an expert beast slayer, this time contracted to overcome a savage marauder skipper, Olgierd von Everec, a man who has the force of interminability. This extension to "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" packs more than 10 hours of new enterprises, presenting new characters, capable creatures, interesting sentiment and a fresh out of the box new storyline molded by your decisions.

Blood and wine, a 30-hour-in addition to story that will present the all-new in-amusement district of Toussaint, will take Geralt to an area untainted by war, where an environment of joyful liberality and noble custom veils an old, grisly mystery. 

The development highlights new characters, new risky creatures, new coverings, new weapons, and another Gwent deck of cards. It will likewise present another gameplay repairman reinforcement coloring notwithstanding purported Mutations. The missions are intended for Geralt characters level 34 or higher. Its substance can be gotten to before and amid New Game. 

Ended up proficient creature slayer Geralt of Rivia and investigate Toussaint, a remote area untouched by war, where you will disentangle the astonishing mystery behind a monster threatening the kingdom. With all trails prompting deadlocks, just a witcher can illuminate the riddle and survive the insidiousness hiding in the night. Acquainting a completely new domain with navigate, new characters and beasts, Blood and Wine is a 30+ hour enterprise loaded with dim deeds, unforeseen turns, sentiment and trickery.

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