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At this page of torrent you can download the game called "Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster" adapted for PC. Game was developed by Square Enix, published by Square Enix and released in 2016. If you like RPG games we recommend it for you. Torrent download link you can find below the description and screenshots. Have a good luck!

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster PC torrent

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Game size: 24.4 GB for PC

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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster WallpaperAbout game:
Release year: 2016
Game Size: 24.4 GB
Gener: RPG
Developers: Square Enix
Publishers: Square Enix
Platform: PC Game PC
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster torrent

Two years have gone since Sin was decimated. Since her triumph and turning into a high summoner, Yuna has lived on her adolescence home of Besaid Island. At that point one day, Rikku comes to Besaid and shows Yuna a circle. The recording is of him. On the other hand is it? Yuna can't tell whether it is him or just somebody who seems as though him. In the event that it is him, Yuna may have the capacity to see him once again. Regardless of what reality might be, the answers she finds may change things until the end of time 

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster download torrent

The HD remaster covers both Final Fantasy X and its spin-off Final Fantasy X-2. The principal diversion takes after the adventure of the youngster Tidus who is transported to the universe of Spira after an experience with an animal known as Sin. He gets to be one of the gatekeepers of the summoner Yuna, ensuring her on a journey to annihilation Sin and discovering how the animal is connected to Tidus' and Yuna's late fathers. Gameplay depends on the Conditional Turn-Based Battle framework that takes into account swapping party individuals in mid-battle. Characters are stepped up by method for the Sphere Grid on which the player may pick a particular expertise to learn or credit to make strides. The second amusement is set two years after the occasions of X and components Yuna as a fortune seeker looking for circles driving her to Tidus. It reintroduces the arrangement's great employment framework as the Garment Grid: occupations can be gained as dresspheres, outfits that give the player characters diverse capacities, all through the amusement and might be changed in fight. X-2 incorporates numerous small diversions, for example, Sphere Break and barrage ball, the last of which likewise included unmistakably in X. 

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster download

While most of the gameplay for X and X-2 stays unaltered, the amusements have experienced a broad graphical overhaul and a lot of the music for X has been adjusted. All territorial discharges contain content from the International adaptations: X has the master Sphere Grid and a few discretionary supervisors, while X-2 accompanies additional dresspheres and new minigames. The Creature Creator framework was included, whereby players can catch foe beasts and certain non-player characters to prepare them and to have them battle nearby the gathering in fight, like the Pokémon arrangement: these caught partners can likewise be battled and reinforced in an amphitheater. In conclusion, X-2 incorporates the "Last Mission" additional prison that plays in the style of a roguelike 3D diversion, having a network based design crosswise over which the characters move and tackle foes. Designs are created haphazardly and every rival is permitted the same number of turns as the player has taken. As in the fundamental amusement, the player characters can prepare occupations as dresspheres. Exchange between the heroes changes relying upon which finishing the player accomplished in X-2. The Eternal Calm motion picture that conquers any hindrance amongst X and X-2 is incorporated into the accumulation too. The gathering considers cross-stage sparing between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita adaptations and both recreations have full trophy support. 

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster PC download

Last Fantasy X: Will is a unique sound show incorporated into the discharge, playing amid the closure credits. It includes different characters from the recreations, close by two new characters: the storyteller Chuami and her buddy Kurgum. In the story, the two are sent to summon Yuna to research a puzzling wonder known as "Calling", where the dead are being gotten back to into presence. On their voyage, they experience a renewed Sin, who has obviously been called. Throughout the story, it is uncovered that Tidus is experiencing some sort of shortcoming, and that Yuna and he seem to have separated and Yuna is seeing another person. The show closes with Yuna get ready to face Sin again and Tidus, regardless of his shortcoming, choosing to tail her.


Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster System Requirements

If you are about to download Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster you should check system requirements first of all and compare it with your PC to be sure that game will work out!

Least requirements: 
System: Windows Vista
Processor: Dual Core processor with at least 2.0 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM 
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 9600GT or ATI Radeon HD 2600XT
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Capacity: 40 GB accessible space 

Prescribed requirements: 
System: Windows 7 (64-bit version is recommended to play the game on high settings)
Processor: Quad Core processor with at least 2.4 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM 
Graphics Card:  nVidia GeForce GTX 450 or ATI Radeon HD 5750
DirectX: Version 11.0
Capacity: 40 GB accessible space


Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster additional information


BESAID (Final Fantasy X) 
An island in the southern oceans really popular for its wonderful weaving and sanctuaries, and also to be home to the Besaid Aurochs, the weakest Blitzball group in all of Spira. The island has an outwardly perfect scene, with the larger part of its landmass taken up by precipitous areas. A plenitude of extraordinary tropical trees and blossoms develop from the bluff countenances, while the tops are strung through by a horde of waterfalls both vast and little. Besaid Village watches out over the perpetual cobalt blue sea from the most elevated point on the island, and its occupants carry on a straightforward, provincial presence focused on the town's sanctuary. 

A few villagers fish in the neighborhood waters from little pontoons, while more than a couple others leave the island for long stretches of the year to angle on faraway oceans. There is a long-standing nearby custom that those setting out on a voyage from the island, will go to the remnants by the mountain go to appeal to God for a protected adventure.

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