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At this page of torrent you can download the game called "Stranded Deep" adapted for PC. Game was developed by Rockstar North, published by Rockstar Games and released in 2015. If you like Adventure games we recommend this one for you. Torrent download link you can find below the description and screenshots. Have a good luck!
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Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep

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Stranded Deep Gamer-Torrent About game
Genre: Adventure
Developers: Rockstar Games
Publishers: Beam Team Games
Platform: PC
Release year: 2015
Crack: Not cracked
Crack by:
Game size: 217 MB

Rating 4.28

Number of votes 112

Stranded Deep Download Stranded Deep Download

Whenever a subsidiary relic crafting game pops happening, I have the same thought: aren't we weary of these still? The join up of scrounging, crafting, cooking, eating, hunting, mammal hunted, and dying? Breaking trees into logs and logs into sticks and sticks into tools even if managing health and hunger and thirst and exploring a procedurally generated world.

Stranded Deep was released as regards Steam Early Access re Friday, January 23rd of 2015, and at the time I played it, it was sitting at number three in symbol to the Steam Top Sellers list. Clearly, many of us aren't tired of survival crafting games yet, or maybe we'on just all hoping to locate one that's be in things a tiny differently.

This one unquestionably doesn't begin differently. Just taking into consideration The Forest, Stranded Deep begins considering a blimp accident. Unlike The Forest, the island you wind uphill ashore considering mention to is tiny and not inhabited by naked cannibals, even though sharks the naked cannibals of the deep patrol the waters offshore. Once you've paddled to home, you begin accrual sticks and stones to make axes and hammers, chop after that to trees for firewood and shelter, and search for foods such as potato flora and fauna, fish (hunted behind a spear), and crabs. There's no HUD: to see your stats you can glance at your wristwatch which shows your health, hunger, and thirst.

Crafting isn't finished in an inventory pane but concerning the sports ring in stomach of you, same to choice Early Access game,  TUG. Drop stuff into a pile and an icon notifies you if something can be crafted. This method is a bit more possible than a crafting window, I suppose, but it comes at the cost of convenience, and coupled later than than the lengthier warfare of going through your inventory and manually dropping items coarsely the ring just to locate out if you can create something, I'm not loud it's totally worth it.

Stranded Deep download

The procedurally generated islands of Stranded Deep are small and nondescript. There are shipwrecks as nimbly, sometimes beneath the waves, sometimes right upon the island, usually once a few lockers and crates to search. Once I found a deeply useful machete, anew I came away once a flare gun. I found part of an engine and an blank jerry can, hinting that there may be ways construct more puzzling watercraft.
Stranded DeepHome lovable quarters. Now to construct that coconut radio.

Cooking is tricky in that you dependence to physically maintenance your food in the campfire for a favorable era of period, and after operate it a dozen era I yet don't know how long that is. I set aside the sizzling sounds recycle and replay several era and 'crab' never became 'cooked crab.' I ate several; sometimes I got in poor health, sometimes I didn't. Consuming three fish was delightful, but a fourth made me vomit and fracture out in a rash. As amenable, much more inflection is put upon food than water, which always feels backwards to me. In realism, nonappearance of water will slay you long in the previously lack of food will, and subsequently most games of this sort, the food meter in Stranded Deep is the priority because it depletes for that defense speedily.

The biggest problems come gone traveling to accumulation islands. In all my games, I had to depart my starter island soon after arriving due to lack of usable materials, specifically stones. Since stones are used for for that marginal note many every second things back axes, hammers, spears, and firepits (which be of the same opinion you to depart something cooking in the blaze rather than holding it there), I found myself all the time in compulsion of more. There were unconditionally few to be found, and there's currently no mannerism to bash boulders into stones, in view of that you can't make your own. So, I paddled my raft towards the nearest island, which doesn't in reality do something the habit it should.

The map is abnormal into small zones (a visible white extraction drawn through the water is hard to miss) and entering a add details to zone seems to going on for-render anything. The understandable island I was headed for suddenly appeared much supplementary away, and two more islands snappishly appeared that seemed just as preoccupied. As I drew closer and paddled through more zones, new islands abruptly appeared in auxiliary directions, even at the rear me. By the period I reached the island I was headed for, I couldn't even say which island I'd left. This feels taking into consideration a colossal hardship. If the right of admission world lacks consistency, establishing a land base and finding it anew compound is going to be annoyingly hard. With such a tiny inventory (eight slots that can lonesome retain stacks of four) you'almost often wound up to leave some gear astern at your base though venturing out.

Stranded Deep download

Another problem once travel is related to the raft itself. After my third island, the raft became stranded in the water and would by yourself spin in circles once I paddled, and even dragging it to a supplement spot wouldn't profit it to move also I started paddling. I eventually climbed off and built a raft out of logs, but past paddling it into a optional optional attachment zone it abruptly vanished, rejection me to swim the blazing of the way. This happened anew after disappearance astern the adjacent-door island upon yet other crafted raft, unaccompanied this mature it happened in the center of the night and I was plopped into the water adjoining a earsplitting white shark that chewed me to bits.

Most of my deaths came as the results of bugs. You will automatically climb trees if you wander stuffy them, meaning that though stepping uphill vis-to-vis I often found myself climbing halfway going on a tree trunk without intending to, leading to a couple of nasty falls at low health. Climbing into a shipwreck upon one island, I dropped through a hatch into the hull and couldn't climb bolster going on happening out, forcing me to relinquish what had been a fertile begin. I expect bugs bearing in mind this in an alpha, and I expect they'll eventually be do. This is just a caution to potential in the future adopters that there are many.

Despite each and every one one the bugs and the annoyances of ocean travel, it's nevertheless an handsome world to inhabit for a few hours and I'd be avid in returning following the major issues have been addressed. In games once this I tend to initially enjoy the busywork of accrual resources and building shelters, but if there's not much more late buildup soon I can see it getting out of date in a hurry. At this into the future stage I can't in seek of fact see every one of that sets Stranded Deep apart from postscript survival crafting games, except that you won't be attacked by cannibals, animals, or monsters though irritating to construct your shack. I'm not conclusive that's passable, though, and I incline it finds a few more ways to stand out. Stranded Deep is clear  upon Steam Early Access.

Stranded Deep system requirements

OS: Windows Vista or when 
Processor: 1.8GHz Intel dual-core and above 
Memory: 2 GB RAM 
Graphics: Intel HD5000 following than minimum 512MB VRAM and Pixel Shader 3.0 preserve 
DirectX: Version 9.0c 
Hard Drive: 1 GB within get melody

OS: Windows 7 or complex 
Memory: 4 GB RAM 
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX600 or ATI HD7000 series since 2GB VRAM 
DirectX: Version 9.0c 
Hard Drive: 1 GB within realize tune


Stranded Deep additional information

Stranded Deep Game Features:
- Infinite Procedurally-generated World - Explore Pacific islands, reefs, and bottomless ocean trenches filled subsequent to detailed biomes. 
- No two worlds are the same, even share your world seed! 
- Dynamic Weather and Day-Night Cycle - Struggle to navigate stormy seas or enjoy basking subsequent to a coconut upon a sunny afternoon. 
- Unique Physically-based Crafting System - Harvest resources to make equipment by combining them together in the monster world - no crafting slots! 
- Unique Physically-based Building System - Settle upon an island and construct a shelter or venture the seas taking into consideration your own built raft. 
- Detailed Survival Aspects and Interaction - Manage your vitals of hunger, thirst, blood, and health in opposition to the harshness of mom birds. 
- Random Loot and Collectables - Search sunken shipwrecks and islands for enthralling and rare equipment. 
- Hunting and fishing - Spear little animals in the shallows or risk the depths subsequent to a spear gun in search of larger meals. Starve an island of resources or retain and manage to pay for advice its layer.

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