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Racing PC games

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Need for Speed Rivals PC Poster
Release year: 2013
Developers: Electronic Arts
Publishers: Ghost Games
Genre: Racing
Platform: PC
Game Size: 8.9 GB

About game:

Here we have a supplementary NFS game, published by big gaming company called EA sports, Need For Speed Rivals. In my position, it's a definitely fascinating and carefree racing game. NFS: Rivals consists all element that a young people gamer demands. Its interface is the entire amenable when mind boggling game menu. This game is equally sensational for kids and youngster. Even a eight year primeval-fashioned kid has no difficulty in this electrifying game. In its gameplay it is breath taking as choice NFS games are. You have rotate game modes in which you can action a portion. NFS: Rvals contains two every second careers one as a cop and subsidiary as a racer. As a street racer you have the opportunity to race considering the take at the forefront street racers and earn points and money operate some illegal stuff behind street racing and others... You will come across the Riley County Police Department and you have to purpose away from them behind feasible, instead they will bust you and you will lose all the points you have earned through the racing.

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Game Type: Racing | Views: 127356 | Downloads: 33576 | Date: 2015-05-29 | Comments [11] | Type:Games Torrents
DiRT Rally PC Poster
Release year: 2015
Developers: Codemasters
Publishers: Codemasters Racing Studio
Genre: Racing
Platform: PC
Game Size: 26.6 GB

About game: DiRT Rally chronicles the substance of what makes rally unique, that desirability of aggravating to remain in counsel of your emotions, as you hurtle along dangerous, undulating roads at breakneck quickness, aiming to squeeze anything out of your car whilst knowing that one catastrophe could irreparably in poor health-treat your stage era. Its the ultimate test of a drivers perform, and its the ultimate in high risk, high recompense gameplay. In all single stage you should take on your facility in another conditions, as you setting out sticking together across changing surfaces and reach used to your style to a range of exchange weather types. As the car suffers attrition youll pretension to account for mechanical blinking whilst your dedicated rally team tries to save you competitive when period-limited repairs together together in the midst of stages. As stages string together, each rally becomes a marathon-taking into consideration test of combination and expertise, as you trust in your co-driver and your own work to react and familiarize, in order to stay competitive and chase that ever-elusive absolute run.

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Game Type: Racing | Views: 125510 | Downloads: 21845 | Date: 2015-05-27 | Comments [13] | Type:Games Torrents
Carmageddon: Reincarnation PC Poster
Release year: 2015
Developers: Stainless Games
Publishers: Stainless Games
Genre: Racing
Platform: PC
Game Size: 11.39 GB

About game: In Carmageddon: Reincarnation you are in the middle of both vehicles from the prime description of game, updated and then enlarged, and some extreme auxiliary insane rides too. Carmageddon basically was the begin of the combined concept of video games physics and real-become obsolete damaging of cars and the scenery, and hence its obviously our support and answers how to upgrade game to bring this technology to the last stage of take in front considering a brand auxiliary make a clean breast of the art, including the blinking made to car and with repair system. Crush, fiddle once, turn of view, and the whole mangle your opponents and your own car hardship parts off, or split it in two; This game is all nearly wrecking motors and beating pedestrians, and its taking the brief regarding to a collective added level! And of course Power, Armour, and Offensive upgrades make a recompense along later quantity additional customize options, allowing you to make individually the killing capabilities of your preferred rides.

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Game Type: Racing | Views: 28024 | Downloads: 3465 | Date: 2015-05-22 | Comments [1] | Type:Games Torrents
Project CARS PC Poster
Release year: 2015
Developers: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Publishers: Slightly Mad Studios
Genre: Racing
Platform: PC
Game Size: 15.47 GB

About game: Project CARS is the incredible and inexpressible driver journey! Guided, tested, and attributed by a affectionate in the vibes community of racing fans and tangible-computer graphics drivers, Project CARS represents the gone-door-door-generation of racing dynamism as the ultimate stroke of aficionado nonexistence and developer realization. Discover an unrivaled assimilation proficiently-fueled by world-class graphics and handling that allows you to really mood the road. Create a driver, pick from a loud variety of auto sports in a lively career mode and write your own fable in an intense online multiplayer mode. Featuring the largest track roster of any recent racing game related to a auditorium-breaking operational times of hours of hours of daylight & weather system, deep tuning & pit fall functionality, and uphold for Oculus Rift and the highest High Definition ultra conclusive, Project CARS leaves the competition once in the dust. The digital edition of Project CARS with includes the Limited Edition modernize downloadable content (trimmings) pack, unlocking 5 legendary cars able to hope in any game mode and showcased to the fore special one-make series within your career!

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Game Type: Racing | Views: 76634 | Downloads: 14364 | Date: 2015-05-07 | Comments [6] | Type:Games Torrents
RIDE PC Poster
Release year: 2015
Developers: Milestone S.r.l.
Publishers: Milestone S.r.l.
Genre: Racing
Platform: PC
Game Size: 17.7 GB

About game: Bikes from the world's most rated and loved motorcycle manufacturers and developers, breathtaking races, and a round-the-world vacation taking in 15 interchange locations: all this and more in the tally videogame called RIDE. Choose from again 100 bikes from the manufacturers that have made motorcycling records, and set off as regards the World Tour. Challenge rivals at Motorcycle Festivals separated into three oscillate track typologies: from the thrills of the GP Tracks, through the lovable landscapes of the Country Tracks, and all the habit to the challenge of the City Tracks. Race after race, modify and whole your bike in order to motion your habit occurring the World Rankings and become the fastest biker in RIDE . As ably as the World Tour, players can compete in a variety of substitute game modes: Quick Race, Time Trial, Split Screen, and online along in the company of happening to 12 players in the Quick Race and in the Championship.

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Game Type: Racing | Views: 40771 | Downloads: 6527 | Date: 2015-05-02 | Comments [0] | Type:Games Torrents
DiRT 3 Complete Edition PC Poster
Release year: 2012
Developers: Codemasters
Publishers: Codemasters
Genre: Racing
Platform: PC
Game Size: 4.35 GB

About game: When Dirt 2 was released in 2009 it boasted a elongated and varied career mode, numerous multiplayer options, and uniformly excellent presentation. Its sequel loses none of those things and after that makes some permissible additions to the formula. Split-screen multiplayer is now an unconventional, there are more vehicle classes to choose from, gymkhana activities and snowy conditions late accrual light challenges, and auxiliary multiplayer modes put attractive automotive spins around some first-person shooter favorites. Dirt 3 brings a lot of superb content to the table, and because it offers a plethora of customizable mystery settings and assists, newcomers and veterans alike can enjoy its excellent off-road perform.

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Game Type: Racing | Views: 49470 | Downloads: 11463 | Date: 2015-04-15 | Comments [9] | Type:Games Torrents
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