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At this page of torrent you can download the game called "Shadowrun Hong Kong" adapted for PC. Game was developed by Rockstar North, published by Rockstar Games and released in 2015. If you like RPG games we recommend this one for you. Torrent download link you can find below the description and screenshots. Have a good luck!
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Shadowrun Hong Kong

Shadowrun Hong Kong

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Shadowrun Hong Kong Gamer-Torrent About game
Genre: RPG
Developers: Rockstar Games
Publishers: Harebrained Schemes
Platform: PC
Release year: 2015
Crack: Not cracked
Crack by:
Game size: 2.9 GB

Rating 3.69

Number of votes 16

Shadowrun Hong Kong Download Shadowrun Hong Kong Download

Shadow-run: Hong Kong is the third-and-a-half time around the piece for this cyberpunk-however with-mythical beings pretending arrangement, and at this point there is a routine and a musicality. You manufacture a Shadow-runner, a cryptic hired fighter who can battle with specialized or magical forces (or a mix of the two), driving a group of altered spec associates with enormous identities through continuous investigation and turn-based activity. This time, the setting is one of the touchstones of 80's cyberpunk, and we're managing Triads, social isolation and extensive bad dreams notwithstanding the standard posse war, troll hired fighters and enchantment helped corporate undercover work. 

The extension is bigger, a percentage of the situations are tremendous, yet extensively talking it is the same old thing, with a couple of new traps to fiddle with and a huge amount of new workmanship and composing. Further Adventures In Shadow-run as opposed to Great Leap Forwards. In all actuality, this is what was guaranteed in the effective Kick-starter (the arrangement second), yet now pestering sense that this could maybe be an (extremely liberal) extension pack instead of entire new amusement. 

Shadowrun Hong Kong download torrent

The most evident spot the cash's been spent is on craftsmanship: these enormous areas and missions with bespoke, gigantically elaborate stylistic theme, the greater part of which is simply setting. Take, for example, the primary center point, a sprawling, dockside underworld town which houses you're base, journey suppliers, a heap of distinctive shops, a bundle of crackpots to talk to and a sprinkling of smaller scale missions. 

I like Shadow-run: Hong Kong all around it is good, and it is without uncertainty the arrangement glossiest, most liberal and adaptable spin-off yet. I do feel I amm rehashing myself to some degree, nonetheless. Building up a character, accumulating money to spend on just hardly better weapons and protection, researching and uncovering an intrigue, infrequently jumping into Tronish digital world successions: I have done this twice some time recently, and however I don't despise doing it again I am prepared for something all the more generously diverse next time. 

Shadowrun Hong Kong download

Then again, I think the designers know precisely what fans need and precisely what they are doing, and I will be shocked if Hong Kong isn't viewed as the arrangement new high watermark. While the dream components in some cases felt transported into the before diversions' cyberpunk setting, this networks the magical and the science-anecdotal from the off, utilizing Eastern mythology as a surrounding develop for its high ideas without tumbling into generalization time and again. In spite of the fact that an area in which you attempt to enhance the feng-shui of a ghetto was excessive, honestly. 

Shadow-run: Hong Kong is a considerable and in a few regards rich cyberpunk frolic, which, if took a gander at absolutely in its own particular right, is just truly blameworthy of a touch of visual and account fat. It is got fun characters, heaps of aptitudes and spells, shuns acting for permitting you to pick how genuinely you're going to treat the world you're tossed into, and pretty dependably offers numerous, if marginally cursory, journey arrangements. On the off chance that this is your first time with the arrangement, you are in for a happy old fashioned, despite the fact that I had still indicate the tauter Dragon-fall: Director's Cut as a marginally unrivaled Shadow-run experience. 

Shadowrun Hong Kong PC download

On the off chance that you have been round the neon hinder a couple times effectively, then Hong Kong's going to feel really well known, regardless of being flawlessly strong and having a couple of new toys in addition to a more extensive, more showy stage than any time in recent memory. This may well be what you need, obviously, however talking as somebody who is not here most importantly for the love of the setting, yet over this diversion is simply astounding and in the event that you played past continuations from this arrangement you will like this one for sure!


Shadowrun Hong Kong System Requirements

If you are about to download Shadowrun Hong Kong you should check system requirements first of all and compare it with your PC to be sure that game will work out!

Least Requirements: 
System: Windows 7/8 
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 Ghz/AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ 
Memory: 2 Gb 
Hard Drive: 3 Gb free 
Feature Memory: 1 Gb 
Feature Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 460/ATI Radeon HD 5850 
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible 
System: Broadband Internet Connection 
DirectX: Version 11.0 

Suggested Requirements: 
System: Windows 7/8 x64 
Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 2.5 GHz/AMD Phenom II X4 @ 2.8 GHz 
Memory: 4 Gb 
Hard Drive: 3 Gb free 
Feature Memory: 2 Gb 
Feature Card: nVidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti/AMD Radeon HD 7850 
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible 
System: Broadband Internet Connection 
DirectX: 11.0 


Shadowrun Hong Kong additional information


A Classic, Story-Driven amusement: Shadow-run: Hong Kong notices back to the brilliant time of PC pretend diversions with a novel-like stretching account brimming with sharp exposition and profound character advancement. Submerge yourself in a shrewd, 15 or even more hour battle with a differing cast of very human characters. 

An One-of-a-Kind Cyberpunk Setting: Experience the special "Tech meets Magic" idealistic fate of Shadow-run, a fan-most loved amusement setting now commending it's 25th commemoration. Shadow-run: Hong Kong is an immaculate passage point to the setting for those with no earlier Shadow-run experience, while giving a lot of exemplary Shadow-run characters and tech for veteran players to sink their teeth into. 

Summon Your Team: Just like Dragon-fall, Shadow-run: Hong Kong highlights a group of imperfect, risky runners with backstories that could just be conceivable in the tech-meets-enchantment Shadow-run setting. The colleagues intended to assume differentiating parts amid missions, and each has a particular arrangement of aptitudes, capacities, qualities, and shortcomings. Every colleague likewise has difficulties to face in their own lives, which you can decide to ignore or have essential impact in. 

Grasping, Turn-Based Tactical Combat: When you're running the shadows, each turn matters. Pick your activities admirably - move to better cover, rush into skirmish, or hurl a fireball into a horde of adversaries. With more than 200 weapons and spells at you're transfer, each turn is loaded with important decisions. 

Aptitude Based Character Progression: Choose a beginning character original and manufacture from that point! Road Samurai and Physical Adepts utilization propelled battle abilities to command the front line, Shamans and Magicians summon effective associates and cast savage spells, while Riggers and Deckers give basic mechanical bolster, anticipating their awareness straightforwardly into automatons and PC frameworks. Shadow-run: Hong Kong's ridiculous ability framework permits you to develop your character in any heading you pick.

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