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Adventure Xbox 360 games

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Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 Poster
Release year: 2010
Developers: Rockstar Games
Publishers: Rockstar San Diego
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Xbox 360
Game Size: 6.3 GB

About game:

Red Dead Redemption fundamental character is John Marston, he is a previous criminal searching for an all new life in 1911 America. At the point when degenerate government specialists undermine his and his family's opportunity, Marston is sent over the American West to assist maintain the law and to accomplish recovery. His employment is to murder or catch his previous group individuals, including his old companions and posse accomplices, for example, Bill Williamson and Dutch Van Der Linde. He must do this or his family will pay a definitive cost. Along the path through wilderness towns, deserts, prairies, mountain passes, and regions, Marston is given fill in as he openly investigates the free-wandering sandbox situations. The amusement includes thirty-six types of creatures that can be chased and exchanged for supplies and money. Marston likewise takes part in occupations, exercises, and amusements, for example, Poker, Horse Taming, and Nightwatch.

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