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At this page of torrent you can download the game called "Forza Horizon 2" adapted for Xbox 360. Game was developed by Rockstar North, published by Rockstar Games and released in 2014. If you like Racing games we recommend this one for you. Torrent download link you can find below the description and screenshots. Have a good luck!
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Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 2

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Forza Horizon 2 Gamer-Torrent About game
Genre: Racing
Developers: Rockstar Games
Publishers: Microsoft Studios
Platform: Xbox 360
Release year: 2014
Crack: Not cracked
Crack by:
Game size: 8.14 GB

Rating 3.46

Number of votes 48

Forza Horizon 2 Download Forza Horizon 2 Download

Forza Horizon 2 diversions most prominent minutes here and there go under the most sudden circumstances. The Land Rover Defender is not precisely known for its pace or liveliness, and Tchaikovsky is not prestigious for his dashing diversion soundtrack commitments, but rather when Horizon 2 squashes these things together something, great happens. I've played a ton of hustling amusements in the course of the last two-or something like that decades. I've never played one where I was destroying through a vineyard at top speed in a rural 4X4 principally intended to viably ship British agriculturists up wet slopes. Positively not with the 1812 Overture blasting from the stereo. Is it marginally crazy? Yes. Is it totally fun! 

Venture Gotham extravagantly nitty gritty autos here reaches from faction roadsters to hyper-autos, and it is the best line-up in the open-world hustling business. Like Horizon before it, they all vibe particular from each other as well, because of the Forza arrangement recognizable, top-quality driving elements. Not surprisingly, super-autos feel fresh and sharp, SUVs feel suitably soaked, and everything appears to be sharpened to give you a chance to hurl your autos into corners with two magnificent fistfuls of inverse lock. What engineer Playground Games has included, in any case, is a far wealthier world that is exponentially denser with compensating hustling and investigation content. 

The scenery this time is a chunk of area straddling the outskirt of northern Italy and the south of France. It is wish and gigantic accomplishment for Forza fans who've spent the most recent decade watching the hosts of Top Gear positioning about on the Mediterranean coastline consistently week. 

Forza Horizon 2 download torrent

It is a greater range than Forza Horizon's little cut of Colorado, however it is not a 1:1 diversion of the district. It is still predominated by any semblance of Test Drive Unlimited's life-size Oahu, however there's a considerable measure more to do in it. The airstrip, delivery port, and deserted cargo yard are highlights, every offering float agreeable, brimming with activity play areas to trial in the middle of races. 

These are awesome spots to impulsively pile on your Skill focuses. These prizes for great driving come back from the first, in spite of the fact that this time they are coordinated much better into the amusement play. Where beforehand Skills focuses had a shapeless impact on your "ubiquity", in Horizon 2 they open focuses you can exchange for changeless advantages like rebates on new autos or a little elegance period toward the start of an internet session of Horizon 2's label mode, 'Contaminated'. Collecting immense ability combos in Horizon 2 is a great deal of fun and much all the more fulfilling now that there's more motivation to do as such. 

The diversion's 700 or more occasions are likewise lucrative wellsprings of Skill focuses, from the very agreeable Showcase races to class-based impacts over the field. The capacity to push through bushes, fragment fences, and drive anyplace is a major move in Horizon 2. While numerous occasions happen on strips of street decided some time recently, a lot of Horizon 2's hustling is on the moving fields and through the scattered timberlands of Tuscany and Provence. The quick and hysterical new crosscountry races are most likely my most loved race sorts. Low-threw sport autos adapt unreasonably well to go 4x4 romping trips yet it's a trivial admission to reality considering the amount of fun these races are. 

Forza Horizon 2 download

Skyline 2's hustling is supplemented by a lot of extracurricular exercises. The new Bucket List difficulties are the best; they are remarkable exercises to finish in autos stopped the world over. Some are somewhat plain, similar to a straightforward velocity trap objective, yet some are massively agreeable, similar to a trick challenge around a green. Outbuilding Finds are back as well, concealed over the locale, and Playground followed through on its guarantee that a large portion of them would be shiny new autos for the Forza establishment. On the off chance that you took after the group's week after week auto uncovers over the earlier months the outlines on the Barn Find interface will likely give the greater part of the astonishments away, however despite everything I adored revealing the ragged out, weed-filled wrecks and seeing them restored to showroom condition. 

One thing I especially appreciate about Horizon 2 is the way you are welcome to totally disregard the auto titles the diversion proposes to you on your way to the "Skyline Finale" and select your own particular top picks. Giving us a chance to definitively advance the diversion by staying in the autos we favor, instead of compelling us into vehicles we're not in the state of mind to race, is extraordinary outline. 

You are additionally just ever a catch press from being on the web, as well. It functions admirably, matching up your season of day to an online session and flawlessly transitioning you into it. The internet dashing was enduring amid testing, and I like that being remunerated for building Skill point combos keeps things beneficial for those of us who can't generally complete in the first place, however the all the more polite single-player remains my favored surroundings. That, or the naughtily addictive Rivals part where I can rival my mates' occasion records nonconcurrently. I lost a whole late night session exchanging times forward and backward with a companion on only one of Horizon 2's marquee Showcase races. 

Like Forza Motorsport 5, Forza Horizon 2 uses AI driver profiles from your companions rundown to populate your vocation races amid single-player, and in addition the world itself, evacuating the requirement for a non specific exhibition of waste talking Euro muscle heads to capacity as adversaries. Skyline 2 is for the most part better for it yet it's still excessively unshakable on having us pick a configuration to promptly apply to the autos we purchase. The outcome is a procession of clipart-splattered autos cruising down the French Riviera looking significantly more like the sort of off-brand Hot Wheels you'd see lining the pegs at Toys "R" Us than provocative, six-figure supercars. You can in any case quit for your own autos yet there is no choice to expressly handicap these client outlines on rivals, similar to you can in Forza Motorsport 5, and this irritatingly ruins the amusement's style fairly. The autos I need to find in my diversion are the smooth, unadulterated machines we see used in Horizon 2's introduction; not pompous blemishes spackled in flashy representation. 

Forza Horizon 2 PC download

It is slightly a disgrace as well, in light of the fact that for all intents and purposes all over the place else, Horizon 2 has grown up a lot from the first. The menu overlays are more complex, there are no smaller scale exchange choices muddying the economy, and Horizon's layer of men's way of life item advancement has been given the boot. So long, Old Spice US Muscle Mash! 

The world itself is stunning, from the unlimited fields of red poppies to the bike lined lanes of Nice. While a portion of the shadows appear a bit uneven, the fearlessly bolted framerate never falters and in this manner conveys a trustworthy, smooth driving background. 

As dazzling as Horizon 2 looks amid the day, it looks stunningly better during the evening. Every single light source in Horizon 2 are rendered continuously; headlights cut through the inky darkness and crushing a road light sensibly obscures zones it was already washing in light. From the right vantage focuses, the delicate sparkle of the firecrackers and turning diversion rides at the Horizon celebration can be seen from miles away. Skyline 2's new wet climate impacts are simple on the eyes as well. I cherish the way the world is reflected back at us by means of puddles on the black-top, in spite of the fact that the shower impact on vehicles is more static than I'd foreseen; even at speed the beads don't streak over the windscreen or hood. 

The sound is on a par with we've start to anticipate from the Forza arrangement, with thundering motors and crackling fumes overwhelm best delighted in any of Horizon 2's long passages. I particularly cherish the satisfying smash of rock underneath the tires, yet the tire commotion slider should be turned up to 10 instead of its default setting. 

The primary Forza Horizon set another standard for open-world hustling amusements, and Forza Horizon 2 has exhaustively overhauled that standard. The area is correct, the auto list broad, the taking care of nuanced yet available, and the visuals are fabulous. Above all that it's generally fun, whether you're in an over the top Land Rover race or sniffing out a shrouded Barn Find. Forza Horizon 2 is Test Drive Unlimited, PGR, Smuggler's Run, and Forza Motorsport all packed into a T-shirt gun and shot into your face. It wears its motivation on its sleeves however damn if that is not an executioner mix.


Forza Horizon 2 System Requirements

If you are about to download Forza Horizon 2 you should check system requirements first of all and compare it with your Xbox360 Console to be sure that game will work out!

To play this game you need to have cracked XBOX360 console and kinect addition if needed. 

Available languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German and French.

Region of game: Region Free (means you can play this game with all the Xbox360 consoles)


Forza Horizon 2 additional information


Forza Horizon 2 Introduction 
Race through a monstrous completely open world highlighting sensational climate and day to night cycles. In a flash interface with companions in a definitive festival of pace, style, and activity pressed driving. Investigate wonderful and fascinating areas in more than 200 of the world's most prominent autos, all made with exact detail in 1080p. 

Investigate a Massive, Living Open World 
The following advancement of the best-in-class Forza design motor conveys entire day and night cycle with stupendous climate, lighting, and visual impacts. Drench yourself in an endless, totally open world enlivened in dazzling point of interest. A universe of magnificence and flexibility is standing by. 

Activity Packed Driving 
Crush through wall onto back nation soil trails, furrow however fields of harvests and thick woods, and find new alternate routes on your exciting, rapid enterprises. Go out on a limb and win rewards for flaunting your driving aptitudes and style. 

Immediately Connect with Friends 
Bounce in the middle of solo and online play in a flash. No entryways, no holding up. Join or make your own particular Car Club of up to 1000 individuals to grow your system of companions and tenet the leaderboards. In solo play, Drivatar™ innovation fills your reality with your companions notwithstanding when they aren't online with you. Just on Xbox One. 

Your Ultimate Car Fantasy 
More than 200 of the world's most noteworthy autos to drive – from compelling wilderness rompers to present day supercars, excellent muscle and that's only the tip of the iceberg – reproduced in over the top subtle element, with full cockpit perspectives, including practical windshield wipers, working headlights, and bona fide interior.

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