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Genre: Adventure
Developers: Rockstar Games
Publishers: Rockstar San Diego
Platform: Xbox 360
Release year: 2010
Game size: 6.3 GB for Xbox 360

Rating 4.0

Number of votes 30

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Red Dead Redemption torrent

In spite of its appealing setting and history ready with potential, there are not a considerable measure of awesome western-themed computer games. It feels like clockwork an organization will give it another shot, however none of them have the capacity to transcend average quality. From GUN to Sunset Riders to Mad Dog McCree, one may need to hurl their hands and abandon ranchers and Indians for good. In any case, one moment, in light of the fact that the creators of Grand Theft Auto IV are prepared to demonstrate to you how it should be finished. The outcome is Red Dead Redemption, a captivating new experience amusement that is a high water mark for both the western class and Rockstar Games. 

Red Dead Redemption is the otherworldly successor to Red Dead Revolver, the 2004 activity amusement for the first Xbox and PlayStation 2. Be that as it may, don't get excessively made up for lost time in the congruity, in light of the fact that outside of the western subjects, these two recreations are not joined at all. In this story we are acquainted with a baffling cowhand named John Marston. This old-school gunslinger is stuck between a stone and a hard spot, in light of the fact that the legislature has caught his family and the best way to set them free is to find and murder the individuals from an old group he used to ride with. 

Obviously, all that is less demanding said than done. It is clear from the get-go that with a specific end goal to beat Dutch van der Linde and the pack he used to lead, John is going to need to tether up some assistance. It is as of right now that the amusement transforms into a customary Grand Theft Auto-style experience diversion. You are allowed to meander the gigantic field, yet there are dependably missions sitting tight for you when you need to propel the story. The story disentangles through 57 different missions, which will make them play through a wide range of western motion picture prosaisms - battling on a train, having a shoot out at a bank, sparing blameless individuals from an open lynching, and so forth. You'll additionally discover yourself performing a considerable measure of cowpoke related occupations, for example, crowding steers and taming wild steeds. Red Dead Redemption permits you to remember pretty much every key minutes in western fiction, all while likewise offering fun smaller than normal amusements and quiet motion pictures to watch. 

Red Dead Redemption download torrent

In any case, don't let the conspicuous references to other western films and TV shows trick you, Red Dead Redemption offers a unique story and setting. First and foremost, this western is situated well into the twentieth century. While most western amusements make them battle it out in the 1800's, Rockstar Games western is situated in 1911, during a period when the Wild West was being assumed control by current innovation. Individuals discuss the supernatural occurrence flying planes, there are electrical cables around the local area, individuals are beginning to utilize phones and you'll even see an auto or two. This is an amusement about how the world is changing for some individuals, and not everyone is cheerful about that. It's a captivating time period that is underused in western fiction, including both motion pictures and amusements. 

Still, even with the autos and innovation, this is still a customary western. Your trusty steed is your type of transportation and there are still shoot-outs right amidst town. The world Red Dead Redemption lives in (which incorporates the anecdotal outskirt of Texas and Mexico) is a completely open region where there are little towns and heaps of wild to investigate. You begin in the United States, finding brigands and helping a lady named Bonnie (who is effectively Rockstar's most grounded female character). In any case, it won't take much sooner than you're going south of the fringe to Mexico, where you will look the deserts and assist in the Mexican Revolution. In the end you will advance toward Blackwater, the huge city where everything moves a bit quicker and everyone has more cash to display. 

What truly inspires me about the amusement is the means by which moderate paced the diversion feels. In other Rockstar Games enterprises it's anything but difficult to get into the mood of heading off starting with one mission then onto the next without investing much energy taking a gander at the landscape. Fantastic Theft Auto IV made it much simpler to get around, because of the a great many taxi lining the boulevards of Liberty City. Yet, you don't have that extravagance in Red Dead Redemption. As a rule you should ride to your next destination, which can take a short time on horseback (even at full run). You will likewise need to ride to your destinations amidst missions, in addition to again when you have completed up with your central goal. The fact of the matter is, will be doing a ton of riding. This gives you a great deal of time to take in the perfect vistas and the hypnotizing scene that Rockstar's engineers have made. As it were, this change of pace truly helped me feel joined with John Marston and his wild enterprises. It likewise helped me understand exactly how expansive and intriguing Red Dead's reality truly is. While this may not be the first western to go for that open-world sandbox amusement, it is doubtlessly the first to take care of business. When I looked into Activision's GUN, I was frustrated by how little the world was. You could ride over the world in only a couple of minutes; it had an inclination that it was the span of a games stadium. That is not the situation with Red Dead Redemption. It's going to take you over fifteen minutes to go from one end to the next, and, after its all said and done you won't even be near to seeing everything to find in this world. What's more, much the same as Rockstar's other open-world amusements, Red Dead is enlivened with individuals and creatures wandering the scene. It is hard not to be awed with how fruitful the designers were to conveying on the aspiring extent of this Wild West world. 

Red Dead Redemption download

The change of landscape additionally permits Rockstar to stray a little regarding the matter of making missions and presenting new characters. As much as I adore Grand Theft Auto, even I will concede that there is a sure measure of redundancy connected with the mission structure. Despite the fact that they attempt to switch it up, GTA still gets into a trench where you are doing likewise things you've done in different recreations. I didn't have that issue with Red Dead Redemption. While there are a couple of missions that vibe like they could have been in GTA, the greater part of the activity feels new. Hell, even the customary stuff feels new on account of the 1911 setting. 

I am struck by exactly the amount I delighted in the characters this world acquaints me with. Generally, the cast is brimming with low-life and other social untouchables. There's a messy grave burglar who is looking for fortune. There is a medication dependent teacher attempting to get by in the huge city. We meet a smashed Irishman who appears to be very energetic to play into generalizations. From start to finish, Red Dead is loaded with bright characters that range from entertaining to lethal genuine. These are the same sorts of characters you would find in some other Rockstar title, just I had no issue accepting that these characters existed a hundred years prior. 

Past the 57 missions, this western enterprise includes various cool scaled down recreations. The diversion accompanies poker, blackjack, horseshoes and a wide range of other western-enlivened exercises. Considerably all the more intriguing are the chasing difficulties, which give you a chance to find particular sorts of creatures and slaughter them in certain ways. This implies that you will in the long run need to bring down a mountain lion with only a blade and a supplication to God. This, alongside finding needed escapees, will keep you playing long after you are finished with the twenty or much more hours it takes to beat the story. 

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With each new amusement they make, Rockstar Games is turning out to be more eager with their online offerings. Red Dead Redemption denote the organization's most great online mode, permitting individuals to get together and play within the diversion's huge world. Red Dead backings 16-players on the web, which incorporates various fun aggressive modes. Best of all, nearing hot on the heels of the amusement's discharge, Rockstar is transferring an uncommon online community mode that will incorporate new missions. Regardless of how you shoot it, you're going to get your cash's worth with Red Dead Redemption. 

Outwardly the amusement is running on the same motor that fueled Grand Theft Auto IV, so large portions of the same issues individuals had with that diversion are evident here. The characters look somewhat square shaped and we get the periodic firm activity. On the other hand, the style more than compensates for some visual blemishes. When you get on your steed you will be astounded by how great your general surroundings looks. Furthermore, it's different, as well. Every last bit of the diversion is interesting, which is a hard accomplishment to draw off when you are playing with only miles of open area. Every town has its own climate and the diversion gives you all that could possibly be needed motivation to investigate the whole guide. Tantamount to the representation are, it is the sound that takes the presentation to another level. The diversion takes an insignificant way to deal with the music, dolling out western-themed tunes just when it is proper. The score is finished by Bill Elm of the band Friends of Dean Martinez and it sounds precisely like the coincidental music you would hear in a customary western film. Like a decent motion picture soundtrack, the score takes a shot at its own outside of the diversion. I was so inspired with the sound that I got the CD soundtrack. The entire bundle makes for a valid western affair, the like I have never seen (or listened) in a computer game some time recently. 

It is difficult to envision a western that is more intensive and out and out pleasant as Red Dead Redemption. Where such a variety of others have fizzled, Rockstar Games had the capacity make an energizing, strong bundle that offers clients each incredible western minute they could consider. Best of everything, it does this without relinquishing the immense gameplay and intentional pacing. The occasions that unravel in Red Dead Redemption will stay with me for quite a long time, the account is that capable. Women and noble men, this is the western we all have been sitting tight for. Red Dead Redemption is more than an incredible western, it is the first run through this kind of amusement has been effectively reproduced for a home diversion support. Others have attempted, however no one has possessed the capacity to offer a world as convincing as Rockstar Games. With its extensive story, energizing characters and fabulous online execution, Red Dead Redemption is an absolute necessity purchase for anyone who has for the longest time been itching to be a rancher!


Red Dead Redemption System Requirements

If you are about to download Red Dead Redemption you should check system requirements first of all and compare it with your Xbox360 Console to be sure that game will work out!

To play this game you need to have cracked XBOX360 console.

Available languages: English.

Region of game: Region Free (means you can play this game with all the Xbox360 consoles)


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Free Roam brings the open-world experience to multiplayer for up-to-16 players, with the chance to shape groups of up-to-8 to tackle the world's posse refuges, surrounding difficulties - and one another. Free Roam additionally gives players a living, breathing world rather than a non specific diversion entryway - with the opportunity to wander the open span, chasing or making shootouts before heading into focused amusement modes - and step up with each significant activity. With every level come new symbols, outfits, mounts, playlists and difficulties. 

At times it takes a force to tackle a posse. Structure groups with companions to tackle pack safehouses and surrounding difficulties inside of Free Roam, or have your force pioneer bring you into focused matches whenever. Forces can hear one another talk by means of voice visit, regardless of how far separated they may be. 

Much the same as in the single-player experience, a few territories of the multiplayer world are overwhelm by scoundrels. Get together your force or some other players in Free Roam, ride out to discover the safehouses and bring those profane criminals down. 

It is safe to say that you are a seeker, a survivalist, or a shooter? The whole multiplayer world is loaded with encompassing difficulties. Whether alone, with other Free Roam players or with your gang, find unmarked chasing regions to bring down influxes of destructive predators, find uncommon fauna in Survivalist Challenges, or procure yourself the title of Public Enemy by pillaging towns and tackling Law Enforcement.

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