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Game size: 9.4 GB for PC

Rating 4.2

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Tomb Raider WallpaperAbout game:
Release year: 2013
Game Size: 9.4 GB
Gener: Adventure
Developers: Square Enix
Publishers: Crystal Dynamics
Platform: PC Game PC
Tomb Raider torrent

The diversion starts with Lara setting out on her first undertaking about the boat Endurance, with the goal of discovering the lost kingdom of Yamatai. By her recommendation and against Whitman's recommendation, the undertaking endeavors into the Dragon's Triangle, east of Japan. The boat is struck by a rough tempest and part in two, leaving the survivors stranded on a disconnected island. Lara is isolated from the others when she is caught by a peculiar, savage man and caught in his hollow home. She figures out how to escape while her captor is executed as the cavern crumples around them. As Lara tries to find alternate survivors, she discovers more confirmation that the island is possessed, complete with bizarre carvings, dead bodies, and custom penances of creatures. She in the long run discovers her companion Sam and a man called Mathias, who cases to be one of the travelers. As Sam tells Mathias the legends of Himiko, Lara goes out; when she wakes, Mathias and Sam are no place in sight. 

At the point when Lara at long last reunites with alternate survivors, she and Whitman choose to sever from the primary party and quest for Roth, who is as yet missing, while whatever is left of the gathering (Reyes, Jonah, Alex and Grim) set out to discover Sam and Mathias. As Lara and Whitman investigate, they find that the island's occupants are worshiping Himiko, affirming that the island is, truth be told, Yamatai. After finding a place of worship raised in Himiko's name, they are caught by the islanders and taken to a settlement alongside a few different survivors of the Endurance wreck. At the point when the survivors endeavor a departure, the captors turn on them, chasing them down and executing them. Lara is isolated from Whitman and tries to shroud, yet is found by Vladimir, one of the pioneers of the tenants. Vladimir assaults Lara, however she battles back and is compelled to slaughter him to spare her own life. She battles off the rest of the occupants as she urgently meets expectations her way up the mountainside to get together with Roth. Inevitably, she finds a harmed Roth in an adjacent surrendered town. Utilizing Roth's gear, Lara embarks for a correspondences transfer at the exceptionally top of the mountain, with expectations of reaching the outside world and calling for help. 

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After effectively hailing a plane that was hunting down the Endurance and setting a sign flame for them to take after, Lara witnesses a furious tempest appear out of an unmistakable sky and strike the plane down, joined by a puzzling voice saying "Nobody leaves" in Japanese. Feeling in charge of the destiny of the pilots, Lara is feeble to prevent the island's tenants from slaughtering them. Lara is reached by Alex and Reyes, who uncover that Sam has been seized by the island's tenants, a rough faction known as the Solarii Brotherhood. Lara, who is nearest to Sam's position, tries to safeguard her, however is thwarted by Mathias, who orders her executed. Lara is spared by the mediation of weird samurai-like animals alluded to by the islanders as 'Oni', evil spirits in Japanese fables and taken to an antiquated cloister in the mountains. Getting away once more, Lara bumbles onto a custom chamber, where she discovers that a "flame custom" was utilized to pick the Sun Queen's successor as a feature of a function called the "Climb". A frightened Sam figures out how to contact Lara and educates her that the Solarii plan to put her through the flame custom, which will blaze her to death on the off chance that it is unsuccessful. Lara makes for the Solarii fort, getting together with Grim, however the Solarii catch the last and debilitate to murder him unless she surrenders. Inauspicious endeavors to overwhelm them, yet is slaughtered all the while. Lara is verging on executed herself, until Roth mediates; with his bolster Lara has the capacity penetrate the royal residence, where she witnesses Mathias putting Sam through the flame custom. Lara intrudes on the custom by attempting to spare Sam, however she is overwhelmed by Mathias and his men. The custom proceeds, yet Sam is not hurt by the blazes, which are doused by an extraordinary blast of wind, denoting her as the legitimate successor to the Sun Queen's throne. 

Lara barely escapes bondage at the end of the day and backtracks to help her companions, whose endeavors to reach Sam have brought about their catch. Helped by Whitman who has figured out how to arrange some level of opportunity with the Solarii, Lara comes back to the royal residence to protect Sam as Roth enlisted a helicopter to get them out. Having seen the tempest that constrained the hunt plane to crash, Lara sends Sam to escape via area and tries to constrain the pilot to land as a second tempest brews up, striking the helicopter and constraining them to crash. Lara is almost slaughtered in the mishap and is resuscitated by Roth. Be that as it may, Mathias and the Solarii arrive, and Roth is executed by a tomahawk implied for Lara. While grieving over Roth, Lara acknowledges that the tempests are not regular, but rather are by one means or another joined with the Sun Queen and intended to keep anybody from leaving the island. She gets together with alternate survivors, who have sidestepped the Solarii sufficiently long to secure a watercraft for getting away from the island, gave that it can be repaired. They are joined by Whitman, who cases to have gotten away, however Lara starts to associate him with working with the cultists. Lara sets out toward the disaster area of the Endurance to get together with Alex, who had already gone there to rescue the instruments required for Reyes to repair the watercraft. She discovers him caught under destruction and, as she endeavors to free him, they go under assault by the Solarii. Alex chooses to trigger a blast and penance himself so that Lara can escape with the apparatuses. 

Tomb Rider download

Discovering a record of a World War II time Japanese military endeavor to the island that looked for an approach to bridle the force of the tempests as a weapon, so if you like adventure games full of action where you should explore things I strongly recommend to download Tomb Raider on your PC or console from our torrent, Lara chooses to investigate an antiquated tomb on the coast, where she discovers the remaining parts of a high-positioning samurai who had conferred seppuku. It is uncovered, in a message he exited, that he was the general of the ruler's Stormguard, the Oni that protect the religious community, and that the Queen's successor took her own particular life as opposed to get the Sun Queen's energy, leaving the Sun Queen caught in her body after death, and her fierceness has showed as the tempests. Lara understands that the Ascension is not a service to crown another ruler, but instead a custom that exchanges the first Sun Queen's spirit into another body, and that the procedure will wreck the host's spirit. Himiko's soul needs to escape its present body, and Mathias arrangements to offer Sam as another host. Lara profits to the survivors for the shoreline to find that Whitman has sold out them, kidnapping Sam and giving her over to Mathias. 

Lara, Jonah and Reyes give pursue, heading up a stream to the cloister, with Lara arriving without a moment to spare to see Whitman executed by the Oni. Subsequent to battling her way through the ruler's gatekeepers, Lara touches base at the highest point of the religious community so as to see Mathias begin the Ascension custom. She lives up to expectations her approach to Mathias, standing up to Solarii and protects alike. Lara slaughters Mathias when she shoots him from the top of the religious community utilizing two guns, sending him diving into the pit beneath, before annihilating Himiko's remaining parts to spare Sam. With the tempests scattered, Lara, Sam, Reyes and Jonah leave the island and are gotten by a payload ship. As she and her companions sail home, Lara chooses that there are numerous more myths to be discovered and takes steps to reveal them, expressing that she isn't returning home just yet.


Tomb Rider system requirements

If you are planning to download Tomb Raider you should check system requirements first of all to avoid misunderstanding!

OS:Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista,7,8 (32bit/64bit) 
Processor:Dual center CPU: AMD Athlon64 X2 2.1 Ghz (4050+), Intel Core2 Duo 1.86 Ghz (E6300) 
Memory:1GB Memory (2GB on Vista) 
Graphics:DirectX 9 illustrations card with 512Mb Video RAM: AMD Radeon HD 2600 XT, nVidia 8600 
Hard Drive:12 GB HD space 
Other Requirements:Broadband Internet association 

OS:Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 
Processor:Quad center CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955, Intel Core i5-750 
Memory:4 GB RAM 
Graphics:DirectX 11 design card with 1GB Video RAM: AMD Radeon HD 5870, nVidia GTX 480 
Hard Drive:12 GB HD space 
Other Requirements: Broadband Internet association 


Tomb Rider additional information

Key Features of Tomb Raider: 

Dialects: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Polish 

This Game Includes: 
Tomb Raider 
SP Challenge Tomb: Tomb of the Lost Adventurer 
MP Character: Scavenger Scout 
MP Character: Scavenger Executioner 
MP Character: Scavenger Bandit 
MP Character: Fisherman 
Weapon 1: Silverballer 
Weapon 2: Agency SPS 12 
Weapon 3: HX AP-15 
Weapon 5: JAGD P22G 
Weapon 6: M590 12ga 
Weapon 7: STG 58 Elite 
Outfit 1: Hunter Skin 
Outfit 2: Aviatrix Skin 
Outfit 3: Guerilla Skin 
Outfit 4: Demolition 
Outfit 5: Sure-Shot 
Outfit 6: Mountaineer 
MP Single Map: Shanty Town 
MP Map Pack 1: Caves and Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack 
MP Map Pack 2: 1939 Multiplayer Map Pack 
MP Map Pack 3: Shipwrecked Multiplayer Map Pack

Language: English, Russian and other 13 MULTI languages
Sound recording language: English or Russian

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Tomb Raider WallpaperScreenshot of Tomb Raider:
Tomb Raider screenshot

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